Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic Mexico

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Retiring Lakeside in Ajijic Mexico

Notice the fine-looking group of people who now live the good life at Lakeside.

2 days after arriving in Ajijic Mexico John & Earl showed up at our prearranged time. In a few short hours we learned more about the Lakeside area between Jocotepec & Chapala than we ever dreamed possible. We visited neighborhoods & stores & restaurants in record time, laughing the whole way. These guys are an institution in Ajijic & you couldn’t have a better introduction. We also joined them & their group on a one day whirlwind time of Guadalajara & Tlaquepaque. Such fun! I highly recommend them if you want to feel like you’re really part of the community already.

Chris Clark & Ben Dyer

Earl and John are warm and gracious hosts, generous with their time and encyclopedic knowledge of the Ajijic-Chapala area. For an honest assessment of your odds for a rewarding retirement-from housing to healthcare to finance to entertainment to shopping-Earl and John are over-the-top. On a scale of 10, I give their seminar a solid 11. Maybe even a 12 !!! (And wait ‘til you see the jewelry at Sergio Bustamante!)

“A Southern Diva”

If you believe in synchronicities, we sure experienced many of them in Lake Chapala, Mexico.
Our reason for going to Lake Chapala was to check out the area because four people we know have “mentioned” Lake Chapala, Mexico, either for retirement, have family living there, or have lived there.  We believe those were “signs” to look into this area for our retirement. (Click Here for the entire testimonial) 

Sue & Joe, Reno, NV, December 2017

My husband and I attended the seminar in Mexico on retirement. I would highly recommend this seminar for anyone who might be considering retirement in Mexico. Not only did we have a great time with our hosts but we learned everything we needed to know. They drove us all around and we spoke to many different people with specific information on retirement in Mexico. The accommodations were first class and the breakfast was great. Again let me say if you are considering retirement in Mexico you really need the information you will receive in this seminar. Thanks John and Earl.

Ken and Cathy, November 2017

We want to than you for the wonderful time in Lake Chapala area. This was a nice no pressure way to evaluate this area. John and Earl are great source of information and have a great seminar. We saw and ate wonderful food at their house for breakfast and ate at wonderful places. John and Earl are great partners, and seem to know everyone in the area.

When you finish your time with them you will have the information needed to make a good choice about Mexico and Lake Chapala.

Randy and Elaine Oakley, California

John and Earl offer an extensive, educated insight to Lakeside living. Their seminar packs an amazing amount of information into one week, more than we could possibly glean on our own. We have never participated in a relocation type program because they are usually just sales pitches. This is not. This is feet on the ground invaluable education, provided by professionals in a very relaxed environment.

Their home is welcoming, as are they, and we always felt we had privacy when desired. They are determined that their guests be comfortable and needs met.

Our week with them was the beginning of a five week stay in Ajijic. Everything we learned that first week made our visit easier and much more relaxed.

Dave and Margy, Phoenix, AZ August 2017

I can think of no better way to see Lake Chapala and learn everything one needs to know to make a decision to relocate in the area than using the services of Earl and John. They were amazing. We were picked up at the airport, and immediately began getting a feel for the area. We met with folks that helped us understand how to immigrate, how to move our belongings and insurance options. We saw every neighborhood along the northern shore of lakeside. Their knowledge was invaluable and their hospitality was unmatched. Sitting on their patio, looking at Lake Chapala sunsets, asking hundreds of questions, my husband and I felt like we were talking to our fathers. They offered great insight, terrific resources and wonderful breakfasts. I do not hesitate to recommend them and know that Earl and John will be wonderful resources and great friends when we move to Chapala.

Thanks so much for all your help

Nita and David Rudy August 22, 2017

"Retiring Lakeside in Mexico" was a great way for us to get to know the Lakeside area: efficient and fun! Earl and John are knowledgeable and personable. They have had a great experience living Lakeside and they share their knowledge generously. We couldn't have covered all the areas they showed us in twice the time on our own and seeing how a variety of people live was so interesting and useful. We also expect to benefit from continuing contact with the experts they introduced us to. And staying in their beautiful house and eating John's delicious breakfasts!

George and Elizabeth July 4th, 2017

Hey guys, Wanted to send a quick thank you and let you know we sure do miss everything about lakeside! We miss Bennie and we even miss you guys (LOL) We are trying to put into words how much we enjoyed our time there and how much we learned. Earl and John you not only gave us everything we expected in the seminar but made us feel comfortable and at home while doing so. The professionals you introduced us to gave us the answers we needed to make informed decisions. We now feel confident in continuing with our Retiring In Lakeside Plan! We only wish we could come right away but soon you will see us again.

Thank you again for all you do!

Barry & Diane July 4th, 2017

Dear Earl and John - Well, what can I say? My time with you was most helpful. I feel I could move here with confidence. Driving through the neighborhoods was super valuable - as well as the information talks. Earl - thanks for your patience in driving me to all the nursing homes. I know Robert will have better and more loving care here. If you hear any more comments about them from your friends please let me know. You are gracious and patient men! I believe you will hear from me again.

I had a particular reason for looking at Ajijic for my home. My husband, suffering from dementia, is beginning to need a higher level of care, which would cost a great deal more money if we stay in the U.S. I heard that Ajijic had especially nice long term facilities tailer made for American and Canadian patients. On our free day Earl very kindly drove me to 5 different long term care facilities where I could interview the staff. After that day I feel confident in choosing a place that will work for my husband. I found the staff of each facility to be compassionate, caring, and understanding.

Earl and John also had personal experience of a couple of the places because friends of their's had lived there. The monthly cost is well within our means. I will be moving him soon, and will be using what I learned in the seminar to secure the proper visas, know a lot about legalities and health care, and find a home for me.

Phyllis - March 21st, 2017

Our seminar with Earl and John was like staying with old friends who are eager to show you their hometown. They seem to know everybody in Lake Chapala. And they also have been there long enough to know the area very well. They had inside knowledge of all the neighborhoods, even down to individual houses.

Their house is attractive and comfortable, very welcoming at the end of a busy day. Bennie the dog makes a delightful little ambassador. We enjoyed the restaurants we visited and the business owners who had valuable local information. I feel very comfortable about coming back again to get to know the area better before making a decision about living there.

Julia, North Carolina, April 4th, 2017

Our recent participation in the Retiring Lakeside in Mexico Seminar was certainly valuable time spent. Earl was prompt in meeting us at and returning us to the Guadalajara airport and we found our accommodations superb (including the wonderful breakfasts John prepared for us each morning). The daily agenda of meeting with professionals and orienting us to the various communities, grocery stores and housing options available truly delivered on everything their website advertises, with no detail overlooked. With their many years of living in the lakeside area and their multiple business/professional/personal connections, we found John and Earl extremely knowledgeable and forthright in their response to our questions and realistic in their recommendations. There was a good balance in the daily schedule to include both productivity and relaxation, with a glorious view of the lake that made every day refreshing. We definitely recommend this seminar to anyone interested in a thorough and fun-filled introduction to living in this beautiful part of Mexico!

"The Cowans from South Carolina" Jaunary 2017

We learned how to define the word "perfect" recently when spending January 17 to January 23, 2017 at Earl and John's home and enjoying the ambiance there. Ajijic has been on our bucket list since friends purchased a beautiful home in 2010. The eclectic structure and furnishings kept us in awe as each day we noticed an artifact that we had overlooked previously. It was like a treasure hunt. Earl prepared us well for this adventure and John's breakfasts outranked many fine restaurants at which we have dined. We felt at ease and at home with these fine gentlemen and laughed so hard at some of the evening movies and general conversations that tears were running down our cheeks. Both John and Earl are excellent drivers and furnished us with interesting local history as we drove through the villages and cities. Just as we expected, we had the good fortune of touring several homes, meeting others who have participated in this program and who now rent or own homes in Ajijic. Meetings were set up with immigration, real estate and insurance experts, and we met members of the Lake Chapala Society, toured the street markets, dined at excellent restaurants and walked along the Lake Chapala sidewalk all in the village of Ajijic. Trips to the cities of Chapala and Guadalajara were very enjoyable and we were well-chaperoned; at times it was like herding cats. Earl and John kept us captivated with their good-natured senses of humour, their attention to detail and to our safety wherever we were.  Warm and fair treatment was paramount and we had as much privacy as we wished. It is an honour to call John and Earl our friends and we plan to continue this friendship. It was wonderful to have Earl shuttle us from and to the Guadalajara airport. The resident family watch dog "Benny" added to our fun as he is an obedient, active, friendly puppy. Our trip was even more complete when we received a phone call right away after returning home as John and Earl wanted to make sure we reached our destination safely. This was a great week and we highly recommend it.

John and Sharon, Chestermere, Alberta        January 17th, 2017

John & Earl--Thanks so much for such a delightful stay at your house. Your are both such wonderful hosts, and your house is truly beautiful and comfortable. It was so helpful to have you escort us around town, introducing us to the local culture and folks could provide valuable information to those of us considering a relocation to the beautiful area of Lake Chapala. We hope to see you both on our return next year!

Terry & Jack – Longmont Colorado November 22nd, 2016

Hola Earl & John!

Thank you for providing such a valuable service to gringos who are thinking of retiring lakeside in Mexico. It was a jam-packed 6 days for sure, and I left Ajijic with lots to think about. I know that I have mucho mas information than I would have gathered about Lake Chapala on my own online or in books.

In addition to being informative, the experience was FUN! Spending evenings on the balcony enjoying the beautiful Mexican sunsets....playing with your adorable little dog Bennie.....making friends at the Lake Chapala Society......trying out my Spanish language skills......buying "stuff" from the local vendors.....eating John's wonderful breakfasts.....being amazed (and a little scared) at the Regatta de Globos in Ajijic......the mariachis and dancers at El Patio......all were experiences I will remember for a long time.

Thank you for your hospitality and a wonderful seminar.

Nancy, Appleton, WI

Hi, Earl.

I just wanted to thank you and John for your gracious hospitality at our recent seminar. I really appreciated the way you showed us around the area, providing us with the insights you've gleaned over your lengthy residence there. It's hard to envision a better way to arrange an informational visit.

I also appreciated your willingness to leave out things that we weren't interested in and to expand the time spent on those we were. The Wednesday market was great fun! Our itinerary was a useful guide and not set in stone.

The businesses you recommended were useful and helpful, without ever being pushy. For example, the real estate folk really did simply show us what was available, without jumping into a sales pitch. The visit to the Lake Chapala Society opened my eyes to the breadth of experiences available to us "Norte Americanos."

We also enjoyed the restaurants you recommended. (I'm keeping my eyes open for molcajetes on menus around here!) Delicious food and no skimping on the tequila in the margaritas!

All-in-all, a great way to learn of the charm of Ajijic and the Chapala area.

Say "hi" to Bennie the wonder dog for me!

Thanks so much,

Jim Watkins – August 16, 2016

Easily one of the best times away I've ever experienced. Earl and John treated us like royalty-from coffee delivered on a tray each morning to the common room just outside our door to spectacular evenings on their deck overlooking Lake Chapala, I couldn't have asked for better.

Know that Earl and John are two of the warmest, most personable and informative guys you'll ever meet. They are a HOOT, and even if they weren't leading a seminar, they'd be a joy to be with. But there's more: they are absolutely committed to your getting exactly what you want in learning about Ajijic and what it takes to move there. Other attendees have written about seeing the neighborhoods and housing, talking to professionals, eating in wonderful restaurants, shopping, and exploring. That was our experience too.

During one of our outings I bumped into a woman who also was in Ajijic to find out if she'd like to move there. Turned out she was in a group of about 40, staying in a hotel, and getting pretty much no personal attention from the leader. And she paid nearly double for her time there! My travel companion and I had John and Earl's undivided attention all day, and they patiently answered all questions.

I can't say enough about their seminar. I'm telling everyone what a wonderful experience it was, and am looking forward to becoming a Ajijican.

Laina, Fair Oaks, California (September 14th, 2016)

My husband Rudy and I visited Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico from March 29-April 4, 2016, on a fact-finding mission for our retirement. We were fortunate to stay in the home of Earl French and John McWilliams, who were impeccable hosts. They were so warm and accommodating to us both, so solicitous of our safety and comfort (my husband has vision problems), and provided sumptuous breakfasts every morning, and uncomplainingly drove us wherever we wanted.

They took us to five different retirement homes, numerous neighborhoods to show us homes for rent or sale, and provided invaluable sources of information vital to a successful move to Ajijic.

We now have seen Ajijic from one end to the other, know the various options should we decide to move there, would feel comfortable shopping, seeking medical options, making legal decisions, doing our banking, hiring help, making social connections, moving our household goods.

Our goal was met, and more: we met two lovely people who showed us a way to live life with gusto and good cheer. We would do it again in a heartbeat (our most valuable commodity at our age!).

Thanks, Earl and John.
Aurelia and Rudy
Flower Mound, TX.

Attending the seminar in June was truly a wise decision. We were initially skeptical when told that the weather would be lovely as we had sampled Mexico in June on previous trips. Putting our trust in Earl's "weather report" was the right choice.

The Lake Chapala area had been on our radar for several years and happening upon John and Earls' website was the answer to many of our questions. They listened carefully to what we wanted to learn and supplied all the information, tools and teachers we could have hoped for!

Their hospitality was unsurpassed! These two have it completely dialed in...from a great breakfast to a lovely sundown on their terrace, no detail was omitted. Their house is beautiful, our room so quiet and comfortable and the view from the terrace gorgeous.

John is a great chauffeur and Earl a super informative guide! Each day our outings were interesting and fun. They always ended with a tasty late lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area. Our trip to Guadalajara was definitely a highlight as we had never been there before and did not realize what a lovely city is it.

We stayed an extra week after the seminar and John and Earl were helpful in finding the right lodging and rental vehicle for our stay. We explored the area extensively that week and discovered many of the places that we had discussed the week before! Then when our visit came to an end Earl picked us up at the rental car agency and whisked us off to the airport!

Thank you John, Earl and Bitsy for an experience that surpassed our expectations. We are one giant step closer to realizing our dream of retiring in our beloved Mexico.

Joe & Joie

I cannot say enough good things about my recent trip to Ajijic and my stay with John & Earl while attending their retirement seminar.

Anyone considering retiring to the area should definitely look into this. I learned so much about the area and the "ins and outs" of retiring in Mexico and had a fabulous time as well.

John and Earl are the perfect hosts! Each day starts with a hearty breakfast cooked by John at their gorgeous home. You won't go hungry! You are also welcome to sit on their balcony and enjoy the beautiful views.

After breakfast we begin our journey. Because there are a maximum of only 4 guests, the seminar is catered to you individually. John & Earl make sure that they cover all of your needs and questions. It really is catered to their guests' needs. They will either take you to see an expert on the relative matter, or the expert may come to their house to share their knowledge with you. You will visit markets, local stores, restaurants, etc and really get a feel for the area. And they know so many people there - some former seminar guests - so you get lots of feedback on what it is like to live there in addition to all the information from the experts about immigration, moving costs, health care, etc, etc.

There is also a day trip to Guadalajara - such a beautiful city. You will feel quite at home with these guys like you have known them forever - I miss them already and I am only back home 2 days! Looking forward to my move to Ajijic in the not too distant future!


Retiring Lakeside in Mexico Seminar, filled in all the missing gaps of our "Ajijic Move" recipe. To answer all our questions and fill much needed connections, was such a relief… To accomplish that in one weeks time, is outstanding. Unlike larger seminars where you are one of a crowd, this seminar is personalized to fit your specific requirements. Prior to our arrival, we were asked if we had special requests. We shared our seminar week with one other guest. Our hosts understood that our time was valuable. We were treated like VIPs!

Without our host's knowledge and connections, we would have been floundering.

Prior to this seminar, we had invested a good amount of research and time, making our own Ajijic connections via the internet. Advice/insight, regarding real estate/creative financing options, security, cost of living, solar energy, insurance, hiring maids/gardener, were just some of the numerous topics covered.

We toured neighborhoods and asked questions of our knowledgeable hosts. That tour of multiple neighborhoods, was an essential tool in narrowing our focus.

Each day we woke, to a lovely breakfast and the opportunity for discussion. We enjoyed dining out, and even ended our stay with a massage. Make no mistake about it; Earl and John, know all the top notch places and people that you will require to make a smooth transition to paradise!

A major surprise (for me) was in our dining experience. I do not like spicy food! I dined in restaurants, enjoying everything from Guacamole to Burritos. I was so pleasantly surprised, by the lack of heat/Jalapeno. When there was heat, our ever patient hosts advised me as to which dishes were spicy.

I miss the complimentary Margaritas already, and I am not a drinker. We will be returning soon… Thanks to Earl and John.

Retiring to Lakeside Mexico Seminar, was a wise investment.

Thank you so much, to our lovely hosts!

Ilene and Dave

We were so happy we found Retiring Lakeside in Mexico on-line! We took the seminar, and bought a home in the 5 day time we were here before we had to return to the states. We sold our house in the states and moved back as we felt comfortable enough to proceed with the decision to move after spending seminar time with John and Earl.

Great hosts, a very pleasant experience and now long time friends. We'd recommend John and Earl's seminar in a Heartbeat!

Steve and Nancy


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