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Retiring Lakeside in Mexico Seminar Testimonial

If you believe in synchronicities, we sure experienced many of them in Lake Chapala, Mexico.
Our reason for going to Lake Chapala was to check out the area because four people we know have “mentioned” Lake Chapala, Mexico, either for retirement, have family living there, or have lived there.  We believe those were “signs” to look into this area for our retirement. 

We searched on the internet and found a custom seminar led by Earl French and John McWilliams who give retirement seminars and have lived in Ajijic, Mexico for 20 years.  Earl picked us up at the Guadalajara airport (in a new van) and brought to their elegant two-bedroom bed and breakfast accommodation fully decorated for the Holidays.  Earl and John paced their seminar to meet our needs.

The seminar includes a visit with professional experts who shared information about such things as banking, moving costs and how the move is done, legalities, wills, living trusts, trips to various housing areas, health insurance, health care costs, and community life.  This is not a lecture in a hotel to a large group of people who want to sell you their property.  This is a personalized custom orientation with people John and Earl know and trust.  They only schedule four people one week a month for their seminars.  In between our informative meetings, we had lunch at restaurants chosen by John & Earl.  Again, these were places they personally frequent and trust.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pace, the level of personalized service, as well as the genuine warmth, kindness, and courtesy we were shown. 

It was my desire to learn if the area has a healing community or is open to alternative health care as I am trained as a nurse and healer.  Earl made every effort to connect me with the healing community in Ajijic.  As it turned out, we had extra time between appointments so we went to a coffee shop for coffee.  The healer lady we had made two attempts to connect with was at the coffee shop!!  I was able to meet her and inquire about her work and learn of the receptivity of alternative therapies in Chapala.  She was very helpful and gave me the information I needed.  This was unplanned meeting was “a sign” that we were being guided through this process.

The last day in Ajijic Earl took us to downtown Ajijic to shop on our own.  I had posted a picture of Lake Chapala on Face Book and while having coffee I looked at my phone and saw a Facebook response from an American former nurse colleague who said she had a house for sale in Ajijic.  Her house was a 9-minute walk from where we were so we went to see it.  When I called her realtor to see the house, she said she would be there in 3 minutes as she was having an open house there today.  We were able to see the house located right on Lake Chapala.  It was lovely and included a casita with a separate entrance that could be used as a rental or perhaps a healing studio for me to do my work!! Could this be another “sign” that, we are meant to move to Lake Chapala, Mexico?  If it is meant to be it will unfold with ease and Grace.  What I am sure of is that we have dear friends who are there to help us with the process.  We highly recommend Earl and John’s retirement seminar.  It will help us make an informed decision.

Sue & Joe, Reno, NV, December 2017


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